Dose Calculator

Hi folks. I’m sorry but we had to take the dosing calculator down – here is a formula you can use instead.

3 Step Dosing Formula (calculated in mg):


Step 1: Determining the total CBD your oil contains

If you have 1g of oil containing 85% CBD then:

Total Quantity = 1g (1000mg)

Total CBD = .85 * 1000mg = 850mg


Step 2: Determining the CBD dose for one batch (this is NOT how much oil to use)

15 x 5mg = 75mg*
Mould Cavities   Serving Dose   Batch CBD

*75mg of CBD (NOT oil) is needed for one whole batch dose


Step 3: Determining how much oil to use


75mg / 850mg = 8.8% (.088)
Batch CBD   Total CBD   Percentage of your Total Quantity that should be used.
.088 * 1000mg = 88mg
Percentage of Total Quantity   Total Quantity   Recipe Quantity

You would use 88mg of oil in your recipe to get 15 x 5mg candies.

Remember: Always start low and go slow.